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Unfortunately, pipes aren’t meant to last forever. Although they often last decades, galvanized pipes are especially prone to rust and deterioration as they age, which can cause unsafe and frustrating plumbing problems. Fortunately, homeowners in the Columbus area can rely on the expertise of our team at Evolved Plumbing for prompt and reliable Columbus piping and repiping services.

It may be time to repair or replace your pipes if:

  • You notice discolored water coming out of your faucets
  • There are consistent draining issues
  • You notice small, dark flakes in your tap water
  • You’ve had them for a long time
  • You notice low water pressure in your sink or shower
  • You notice water damage from leaks

Many pipes in Ohio experience problems due to blockages from tree roots. This can cause damage to the pipes themselves, as well as slower draining and/or disrupted water flow. At the first sign of water flow issues in your home or business, contact a professional plumber from Evolved Plumbing. We will will use tried-and-true techniques to determine where the blockage is and how to clear it.

If you are interested in learning about replacing your galvanized steel pipes, contact our team of experienced Columbus repiping technicians at (614) 482-4433 today.

Repiping Projects

A repiping project tends to be an overwhelming and intrusive process. Because the plumbing team often needs to access the pipes inside your home rather than just outside, we will need to spend time in your home tearing open the walls.

Our Columbus repiping plumbers understand how important it is to respect the space we are working in, as well as the people living in the home: you and your family. That’s why, at Evolved Plumbing, we take extra care to be aware of how our workflow affects your daily life. From the first time we step inside your home to the last time, we maintain a clean work space and do the least amount of damage possible to your walls to get the job done effectively.

The Difference Between Galvanized Pipes, Copper Pipes & PEX Pipes

You may be considering replacing your pipes because you have an older home and have heard widespread concern about the use of galvanized pipes in older construction. But what is the difference, and why are homeowners and HOAs in Columbus choosing to upgrade to copper piping or PEX piping?

Despite their popularity in the early 20th century, galvanized steel pipes can only be expected to last between 20 to 50 years with regular use. Copper pipes, however, have a longer guaranteed lifespan starting around 50 years. But it’s not only the lifespan that has homeowners making the switch – galvanized steel pipes have been found to be a common source of impurities such as lead due to their corrosive nature and low pH. This is less of a concern if your building is connected to a public water system, as most municipalities in Ohio treat their water to make it non-corrosive; but it’s best to upgrade the pipes that you have control over: your own.

Copper pipes replaced galvanized steels as the go-to residential plumbing option in the 1960s. They are considered superior because they are strong, sturdy, and resistant to pollution. They are tolerant of high heat and last a very long time. And, importantly, they are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. Some cons, however, include their high cost and possible contribution to water acidity.

PEX pipes, also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipes, are the newest advancement in plumbing, and were introduced to the market in the last 20 years. There are some pros and cons to consider when it comes to this option.

PEX pipe pros:

  • They are very flexible, and can bend easily around tight corners
  • They are very heat resistant

PEX pipe cons:

  • They are susceptible to UV light and chlorine
  • They cannot be recycled

If you are unsure about which material would be best for home, contact our Columbus piping professionals at Evolved Plumbing today at (614) 482-4433.

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  • “They were very professional: they came on time, told me how much it was going to cost before starting the repair, fixed it within 30 minutes. I am very pleased with their service.”

    - Mike K.
  • “Did a great job clearing out the drain...”

    - Kevin S.
  • “Did a great job at a very reasonable price. I will recommend these men to any of my customers that need work.”

    - Keith M.
  • “They do a great job, on time at a fair price.”

    - Greg G.
  • “They were professional and efficient and we will be using their company in the future.”

    - Diane M.

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